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    4 Reasons Why RFID Blocking Material Is Essential in Today's Digital World

    4 Reasons Why RFID Blocking Material Is Essential in Today's Digital World - Mountain Voyage Co

    In the modern digital world, there's no shortage of risks to your financial well-being. As technologies like RFID cards and contactless payment processors are introduced, new threats that seek to take advantage of unexpected vulnerabilities emerge daily.

    Unfortunately, the vulnerabilities of RFID leave you at tremendous risk -- and it's not just your money that's up for the taking. Malicious hackers may also gain access to your personal data through RFID technology. Protecting yourself is more important than ever.

    Understanding RFID Blocking Material

    RFID blocking material is a material that is capable of deflecting radio waves. Metals such as aluminum and stainless steel are capable of blocking radio waves. Since the radio frequencies can't penetrate the metal, they bounce away before interacting with your credit cards.

    Unfortunately, most people aren't aware that their credit card information is constantly at risk of RFID scanning. As a result, malicious actors often browse crowded areas and use hidden RFID scanners to gather exposed credit card information.

    They can accomplish this by walking or standing by someone with exposed RFID cards. Other types of RFID attacks sometimes take place. Some criminals place credit card skimmers on ordinary card readers to passively gather credit card info from people attempting to purchase.

    Others may collect information from contactless cards with the intent of committing identity theft later on. The technology criminals use to steal RFID data is constantly evolving. While no one-size-fits-all solution is certain to last the next few years, using an RFID blocking wallet is a great way to minimize your risk.

    Just like a Faraday cage, aluminum wallets can block almost all electromagnetic signals and protect your data. When you combine your new wallet with common sense practices, you'll be able to protect yourself from almost every mechanism of RFID theft.

    That is one of many benefits of using RFID blocking products, too. Your identity and personal privacy will also be protected when you use RFID blocking products.

    Key Reasons for RFID Blocking

    rfid protected material

    Electronic pickpocketing presents a massive risk to your identity and financial integrity. Luckily, there are ways to eliminate the risk of RFID theft. You should start by purchasing a RFID blocking wallet or purse.

    You can use several layers of wrapped aluminum foil in a cinch to block RFID. However, more than simply wrapping your cards in aluminum foil is needed to provide comprehensive protection in the long term.

    Purchasing an aluminum wallet that surrounds your credit cards with thick, conductive metal will be considerably more effective. You should exercise caution whenever you use your RFID cards.

    Aside from RFID scanning, criminals can also steal information from contactless cards by planting card skimmers on outdoor ATMs. Avoid using unmonitored and unsecured card readers whenever possible.

    Overall, keeping your cards in an aluminum wallet or RFID blocking fabric purse will introduce a new level of security into your life. The risk of issues like identity theft, where fraudulent credit cards and accounts might be opened in your name, is relatively low when you exercise appropriate caution when traveling or browsing the web.

    If you protect your RFID credit cards carefully enough, you'll find that your personal privacy is significantly heightened, too. Data breaches are among the most common reasons people lose their privacy. Unfortunately, this information is nearly impossible to remove from the web.

    Addressing the issue proactively using an RFID blocking wallet is a great way to ensure it never happens. In essence, the only people who will have access to your RFID card and personal information are those given direct access to it. As RFID technology advances, RFID protection techniques will evolve, too.

    You should keep up to date with the latest and greatest RFID blocking products and continue to make the investments necessary to protect yourself. Remember to research carefully, as not all metals and primary materials can block RFID.

    Protect Your Future And Identity With RFID Blocking

    Unauthorized RFID scanning is one of the most terrifying modern risks. It's astonishing how easily criminals can access personal information and funds by scanning or skimming for credit card information.

    The only fact that is more astonishing is how easy it is to protect yourself. When you use a wallet or purse made with RFID blocking material, you can set aside your worries and rest assured that your money will be safe from all digital theft.

    making payment with tap to pay card

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Do all credit cards and IDs have RFID technology?

    Not all credit cards and IDs have RFID technology. The easiest way to check if your card supports RFID signals is to look for the RFID symbol, which resembles the WI-FI signal.

    If you need more clarification, check whether your card supports contactless payment. Only RFID cards are capable of completing "tap to pay" transactions.

    Can I use RFID blocking material with my existing wallets and bags?

    You can use RFID blocking material with your existing wallets and bags. If you want to keep using the same wallet, RFID credit card sleeves will help you protect individual cards while using the same wallet.

    If you're using the same bag, I recommend purchasing an RFID pouch that you can keep inside your backpack to store any sensitive RFID items.

    Are there specific materials or brands recommended for effective RFID blocking?

    A few materials and brands have proven to be particularly effective at blocking RFID. Stainless steel, aluminum, and other metals can block RFID. Copper is believed to be the most effective.

    Here at Mountain Voyage Co, our aluminum wallets are known to be particularly effective at blocking all unauthorized RFID.


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