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    Wallet Accessories for Security: Enhancing Protection for Your Valuables

    Wallet Accessories for Security: Enhancing Protection for Your Valuables - Mountain Voyage Co

    Innovative wallet designs are functional and versatile but can always improve. Wallet accessories help people keep their wallets safe and can add advanced functionality to your daily life you didn’t know was possible!

    Check out the top accessories for your wallet.

    The Best Wallet Accessories and Features

    If you want to upgrade your wallet, consider adding one or more of these wonderful accessories.

    RFID-Blocking Technology

    RFID-blocking technology is easily one of the most impressive and popular wallet accessories. This technology blocks the electromagnetic signal that your credit and debit cards emit.

    Most modern credit cards utilize RFID technology, allowing you to tap your card on a card machine instead of inserting the chip or swiping the strip.

    While RFID tapping is useful and fast, it also makes your cards vulnerable to theft. Criminals can use RFID card-reading machines to retrieve your card information in a second when you walk by. They can steal your card information without touching or seeing it.

    The only way to prevent this is to use an RFID blocker or a wallet with RFID-blocking technology. You can find credit card-sized RFID blockers and carry them in the credit card holder of your bifold wallet, slim wallet, or even a minimalist wallet.

    Or, better yet, you can use a wallet with an RFID-blocking material so your cards are always fully protected. Carbon fiber and aluminum are two of the best RFID-blocking materials for wallets.

    Money Clips

    Cash isn’t as common as it used to be, but most people still carry some cash on them for emergencies and cash-only businesses. Jamming crumbled-up and wrinkly bills into minimalist wallet designs is frustrating and inefficient, making your wallet bulky and uncomfortable to carry.

    It’s also difficult to seamlessly pull your money out to pay for something. A money clip is the perfect wallet accessory for folks who still like to carry cash. Many modern wallets feature a metal or magnetic money clip, where you can easily store your cash for easy access.

    Bulky wallets are uncomfortable in your pocket, and a money clip can help keep your wallet organized without making it thick and chunky. You can use a money clip by itself, find one that attaches to wallets, or use a wallet with a built-in money clip.

    Some wallets feature removable money clips, ideal because you can take them off and make your wallet more sleek and slim when you don’t plan to bring cash. Instead of stuffing the inside of your wallet with bills, use a handy money clip to make your life a little easier.

    Tracking Devices

    Lastly, a brilliant wallet accessory is a small tracking device that always lets you know where your wallet is. When you lose your phone, you first ask someone to call it, hoping the ringtone will lead you to it.

    Unfortunately, we don’t have this luxury with a wallet. If you lose your wallet, all you can do is retrace your steps and look for it as best you can, unless you have a tracking device. These tracking devices are slightly bigger than a quarter and can slip inside your wallet or hang off with a keychain.

    Once set up, you can see the location of your tracking device on your phone, meaning you can track your wallet if you ever lose it! The feeling of losing a wallet is pure stress and anxiety, and after that comes the headache of replacing everything in the wallet. Avoid this nightmare with a handy tracking device!

    Multi-Tool Cards

    hand holding multitool card

    Multi-tool cards are handy wallet accessories that can be super useful. These cards are the size and shape of a typical credit card, so you can store them in one of the card slots. They’re designed for durability and function, so they combine an array of tools, such as:

    • Screwdriver
    • Bottle opener
    • Pocket knife
    • Measuring ruler
    • Wrench
    • Cell phone mount
    • Nail puller
    • Protractor
    • Key ring hole
    • Money clip
    • Can opener
    • Box cutter
    • And more

    Some of these multi-tool cards have a 50-in-1 design, meaning the little card has 50 different uses that may come in handy.

    Multi-tool wallets have these features built into the wallet, but you can make any wallet multi-purpose by carrying a multi-tool card inside! It’s one of the best wallet accessories for outdoorsy or handy people who can use these tools on the go.

    Wallet Keychains and Lanyards

    wallet with keychain

    Not all wallet accessories have to be high-tech and fancy. If you tend to pull your wallet out when shopping or dining out and need to remember to pick it up, a keychain or lanyard is the perfect solution.

    You’re not alone, as it’s easy to forget your wallet when you’re in a rush or chatting with other people, so get a wallet with a keychain or lanyard attached to make your life a little less stressful.

    Some wallets come with this accessory, but you can almost always attach a lanyard or keychain to your wallet if it’s not built in.

    Wallet keychains and lanyards make carrying and keeping track of your wallet easier, but they can also be a fashion statement! Lanyards and keychains can be colorful, patterned, and personalized in any way you like.

    Get a keychain with your initials, or find a chic leather lanyard to elevate your look. Wallets are highly functional but can also be the perfect accessory to complete your outfit, so get a lanyard or keychain that captures your style and makes your wallet even more fashionable and attractive.

    Safety and Convenience in Your Wallet

    You don’t need any of these wallet accessories, but they can be wildly helpful whether you lose your wallet, want to carry cash, or want maximum utility.

    Make your wallet more functional than ever with one or more of these sensational wallet accessories.


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