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    5 Reasons to Choose a Wooden Wallet for Your Everyday Carry

    5 Reasons to Choose a Wooden Wallet for Your Everyday Carry - Mountain Voyage Co

    Wood is not the most popular material for wallets, but it should be! Wooden wallets are stunning, sustainable, and highly functional, making them the perfect choice for any gentleman looking for a new wallet.

    Check out five reasons you should get a wooden wallet!

    1. Beautiful and Stylish

    We’ll dive into the many other reasons wooden wallets are a functional choice for your everyday wallet, but first, let’s talk about how gorgeous they are. Most wallets are leather, with some modern styles using carbon fiber or metal.

    A wood wallet offers a more unique and delightful aesthetic, with the warmth of real wood and a charming organic appearance. A wooden wallet is the perfect choice if you’re looking for a distinct wallet with more flair than traditional leather.

    It’s distinct and fashionable without being flamboyant or flashy, making it ideal for men who want something stylish but not extravagant. Outdoorsy folks will adore a wood wallet's organic aesthetics and cozy vibe, and you can stand out among your friends!

    While some hardwood types are more popular, wallets can be made of different kinds of wood, such as walnut, oak, or bamboo. So, you can find a wallet made of natural material that suits your taste or is made from your favorite tree.

    2. Sustainable and Eco-Friendly

    As people become more aware of environmental problems and how some industries abuse animals, they look for sustainable, eco-friendly, and animal-friendly products.

    Many leather wallets are still made at the expense of a living animal. And while faux leather is an animal-friendly alternative, plastic production is extremely harmful to the planet. Wallets made from metal, like aluminum, are better but still not great.

    On the other hand, wooden wallets are a fabulous and highly sustainable option. Unlike plastic and leather, wood literally grows on trees, so it’s one of the most renewable resources.

    Real wood will eventually break down and return to the earth, while plastic is non-biodegradable and will plague the Earth forever once it’s made. However, wooden wallets will take a very long time to break down.

    Despite what people think, wooden wallets are highly durable and long-lasting. Quality wooden wallets will not splinter, crack, or break and can last years of everyday use.

    3. Lightweight and Slim

    Another common misconception is that wooden wallets are clunky and heavy, but this couldn’t be farther from the truth. Wood is one of the most lightweight materials, so wooden wallets are very comfortable to carry in your pocket.

    They won’t pull on your pants or weigh you down, and you’ll barely remember you’re carrying it! The surprising lightness is one of the top benefits, as heavy wallets can be cumbersome and frustrating.

    The best wooden wallets have a slim, compact design, making them excellent for everyday use, no matter what pants you want to wear. They slip easily into your front or back pocket and won’t create an ugly bulge in your pants, so you can stay stylish and sleek.

    4. Comfortable and Soft

    wood waste

    As mentioned, wooden wallets won’t splinter or break, and they have a surprisingly smooth and supple surface that is delightful to hold.

    Some may think a wooden wallet would have a rough, uneven surface, but they’re typically crafted with care to create an unbelievably smooth and silky soft texture that you’ll appreciate every time you pull out the wallet.

    And this supple texture will stay soft and smooth for years, unlike a traditional wallet made of leather that can easily become tattered and rough after constant use.

    People often focus on functionality over comfort when shopping for a wallet, but being comfortable with your wallet is essential. A wallet with an unpleasant texture will make you uncomfortable, even if you don’t realize it. Don’t ignore the texture of a wallet when shopping, and treat yourself to the fine, silky texture of a well-crafted wooden wallet.

    5. Functional and Versatile

    Functionality isn’t the only thing you should focus on when buying a new wallet, but it is one of the most important factors. The most beautiful and comfortable wallet is useless if it’s not functional when storing and protecting your cards.

    Luckily, wooden wallets are just as functional as they are stunning. Modern wooden wallets typically have over a dozen card slots, so you can keep all your credit cards and IDs perfectly organized and accessible. These handy pockets make it easy to find the card you need quickly, so there is no fumbling for your credit card at the register.

    Many also have a money clip on the outside to access your cash easily. The durability of wooden wallets also protects all your cards. The rigid material means you can sit on your wallet and leave it in your front pocket, and it won’t bend and destroy your cards.

    Leather wallets and other soft materials don’t protect your cards as well, causing them to bend or break over time, creating a headache for you. These wallets are also more versatile and modern than you may think.

    Wooden wallets are compatible with modern technology, such as RFID-blocking and accommodating cards with embedded chips. Hardwood wallets can do both of those things!

    Many wooden wallets include RFID-blocking technology to stop criminals from stealing your information electronically, and wooden wallet slots can perfectly fit the most current credit cards.

    Is a Wooden Wallet Right for You?

    man during wood work

    Is a wooden wallet the right choice? If you love organic, rustic aesthetics and want a minimalist wallet that is comfortable to carry, a wooden wallet is a stellar choice. They’re soft to the touch, offer easy organization, and can elevate your look.

    Next time you need a new wallet, consider getting a chic wood one that will be the envy of all your friends.


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