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    What Is an RFID Wallet - How They Keep Your Information Safe

    What Is an RFID Wallet - How They Keep Your Information Safe - Mountain Voyage Co

    Over time, technology has changed our methods of paying our debts and receiving payments. As such, there are a lot of chips and pins, not to mention ID cards, that contain all of our living, breathing data.

    And on top of that, virtual money, for which thieves have to develop new ways to steal from you. They do this by triggering your credit card's 'tap' function with an RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) device.

    This results in electronic pickpocketing in some cases and credit card/debit card fraud in others. That’s where RFID wallets come into play. But what is an RFID wallet? And how does it keep your information safe?

    In this article, we’ll tell you all about RFID wallets and how they can protect you from would-be scammers.

    How RFID Technology Works

    RFID technology

    Before we dive into the benefits, it’s important to note a few things. Not only has this technology been around for longer than you may think, but it's part of the texture in which we are all wrapped today.

    Do you know the clothes tags that shopping assistants will remove for you upon purchase to prevent the alarms from going off upon leaving the store? RFID tags, that’s right.

    These days, our wallets contain our lives. Take contactless cards, the most common form of RFID technology. They have marks of your personal information, debit card data, and credit card information, all in a small, easy-to-carry piece of plastic.

    While convenient, this technology has unfortunately made it easy for those who want access to that information. To steal valuable information from a cardholder, identity thieves (or money snatchers) simply need to purchase an RFID scanner, hover it over a victim's wallet, and grab their information. Beep!

    It's not just a matter of burying your wallet in your pocket. These RFID scanners can often cut through that material to get at your valuable information. For example, have you ever paid for your shopping at a self-service checkout machine?

    If you have, you already know you can pay for your groceries without opening your wallet. Equally, there is the potential for you to be stolen from in the same manner.

    What Is an RFID Wallet?

    An RFID wallet may look like your average wallet, but it's much better at protecting your personal information. It has unique RFID-blocking materials, such as metal or carbon fiber, that block radio frequency signals emitted by RFID readers.

    This feature helps protects your card, wallet, and other sensitive pieces of RFID-laced plastic in your pocket from being pilfered electronically. These wallets protect against theft and come in various designs and colors, meaning you won’t have to sacrifice your sense of style.

    You may prefer a Matte Carbon Slim made of carbon fiber to a Natural Walnut or something else entirely. Whichever you choose, you'll be in good shape with an RFID wallet.

    Benefits of Using an RFID Wallet

    An RFID-blocking wallet has two main benefits: security against electronic pickpocketing and protection against identity theft/credit card fraud. With the help of an RFID scanner, would-be scammers can fundamentally commit credit card theft without physically lifting your card from your pocket.

    They can take money directly from your card by using the contactless payment option with their RFID scanner - all they have to do is set up an amount and then use your card as the recipient.

    So, by getting yourself an RFID wallet, you can avoid all this. After purchasing one, you'll simply need to move your cards from the old wallet or money clip to the new one to significantly reduce your chances of being a victim of RFID theft.

    And you likely won't need to change wallets again for quite some time - besides being stylish, an RFID-blocking wallet is durable too.

    As you can see, it's a quick and easy process that gives long-lasting results. What's not to love?

    Start Protecting Your Personal Information Today

    man putting RFID wallet

    Protecting our personal information is vital, especially considering how often our payment mediums change. That's why it's so important to keep up with the times and be cautious of the innovative ways that we can be robbed.

    For this reason, you should consider investing in an RFID-protected wallet. And who knows? It may just be the perfect wallet for your lifestyle.

    Ultimately, an RFID wallet can't hurt, especially if you live in a densely populated area where you're more likely to deal with credit card fraud. Then it's a security measure that can at least give you some peace of mind.

    If you want more information about RFID protection, are concerned about the security of your finances, or want to browse some top-quality wallets, check out our website.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Are all credit cards RFID-enabled?

    It is reported that 15-20% of cards are RFID-enabled, but this will only rise as more and more companies incorporate it as a part of their function. If your card doesn't already have an RFID chip, it may in the future.

    Can I still use my credit card in an RFID wallet?

    Yes, RFID wallets have no impact on your cards. You will still be able to use them as always.

    What other items can be protected with an RFID wallet?

    Passports, driver's licenses, gift cards, and ID cards (like college cards or library cards) can all be RFID-enabled and therefore used to steal your personal information.

    Can an RFID wallet be hacked?

    Hackers can bypass RFID-proofed products such as wallets if they use equipment that generates a stronger signal than the wallet.


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