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    7 Mistakes to Avoid When Selecting EDC Gadgets: Make Informed Choices

    7 Mistakes to Avoid When Selecting EDC Gadgets: Make Informed Choices - Mountain Voyage Co

    If you’re an EDC enthusiast, you probably already know that EDC gadgets are vital in the modern world. Having the right everyday carry gadgets on hand can prepare you for emergencies and inconveniences.

    Choosing from the wide variety of EDC products available on the market can seem overwhelming, and you may find yourself unsure where to start.

    Let’s look at what you should look for and pass on when collecting essential items for your EDC kit.

    1. Lack of Purpose Consideration

    You should consider your EDC gadgets' purpose before deciding what to purchase. Everyday carry gear is meant to enhance your daily routine and provide a failsafe for situations that are reasonably likely to happen.

    Packing EDC gear you're unlikely to use may add more inconvenience to your life and bulk to your EDC kit. You should start with a list of purposes, such as "needing to charge your phone when it dies" and "needing medicine for common discomforts," and choose your EDC essentials based on this list.

    Having enough everyday carry gear to account for every situation is tempting, but there are better ideas. Carrying around an overloaded EDC gear bag will become cumbersome.

    If you continue to carry it, you'll be at risk of strain, injury, and fatigue; if you don't, the whole purpose of the EDC essentials bag will effectively be eliminated. As a rule of thumb, you should carry as much as you need and as little as you can go without.

    It might seem challenging to determine this at first, but you'll gradually get a sense of which EDC tools are useful based on which ones you frequently use and which you wish you had brought.

    knife, torch and water bottle

    2. Ignoring Build Quality

    From an EDC flashlight to a tactical pen, build quality is one of the most essential qualities you should look for when selecting new EDC gadgets.

    Purchasing low-quality gear often does more harm than good because you will know just how dire the situation is once your equipment fails in a time of need. The simple fact is that EDC gear faces considerable wear and tear.

    You should purchase quality equipment built to last. Your pocket knives, first aid kits, multi-tools, bottle openers, earbuds, and any other EDC equipment should be from a company with a proven reputation for selling durable and reliable equipment.

    3. Neglecting Portability

    Portability is another critical feature to look for when selecting dedicated EDC essentials. As mentioned before, your EDC gear bag must be light enough to easily carry it and use the items when in need.

    Choosing hefty gear effectively prevents you from organizing a more well-rounded EDC bag. Look for gear that balances portability and durability. When purchasing metal items like a Swiss army knife, scissors, or pliers, research the materials used and look for one made with a high-quality, lightweight metal.

    Likewise, wallets, watches, flashlights, and other gear can all be found in various materials, and high-end options made with durable and lightweight materials are easy to find.

    4. Neglecting Functionality

    Functionality is another excellent feature when shopping for tools that you’ll use on a daily basis. If your EDC gadgets aren't usable and practical, they serve no purpose. Don't let current trends drive you astray.

    You need a phone and a watch to tell the time. Opting for gimmicky options, such as smart watches, may harm the practicality of your gear bag. Think about every aspect of the gadgets you've purchased.

    What are your digital tech devices, such as your laptop, watch, and phone, powered by? Is there a way to make powering them more practical? Are they fall-proof? Are they too bulky? If one aspect of your gadget isn't satisfying, how can it be accounted for and improved?

    5. Disregarding Everyday Need

    brown trouser with iphone torch and wallet

    Refraining from discarding your everyday needs is a common mistake when planning EDC bags, but it's easy to address. You should plan your EDC gear bag by keeping track of everything you wish you had.

    If your phone dies, you might need an EDC battery. You might need an EDC knife if you can't cut a zip tie. Only choose gadgets based on want if you can think of a common situation where you might need them.

    6. Failing to Research

    Researching your EDC gear is vital. If you're in doubt about the quality of a particular tool, it doesn't hurt to read reviews online. To assess its durability, you should also test the EDC item, mainly if a warranty is still in place.

    If the gear breaks during a relatively easy activity, you may have lost what you spent, but you will save yourself from an emergency situation where you have to go without it later.

    7. Ignoring Budget Constraints

    Finally, you should look for EDC gear that fits comfortably within your budget. EDC gear is meant to supplement your life. Spending your money wisely is essential because doing so will detract from your life rather than improve it.

    Investing in high-quality tactical gear is a good idea, but you should consider gradually building your EDC bag over time rather than spending too much money simultaneously.

    Select the Right EDC Gadget

    There are a lot of excellent EDC gadgets on the market. By researching your potential gear thoroughly and using common sense strategies to choose the most essential equipment, you can make an EDC bag that is purposeful, high-quality, and practical.

    As a result, you'll see your life become more convenient and setbacks minimized in ways you never imagined before.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What are EDC gadgets?

    EDC gadgets are "everyday carry gadgets" meant to help you be prepared for almost every emergency or inconvenient situation that might come up in your life.

    Pens, batteries, phones, knives, keys, carrying clips, and many other types of gear can all be EDC equipment for the right person.

    How do I choose the right EDC gadgets for my needs?

    You can choose the right EDC gadgets for your needs with lots of research. Generally, making split-second decisions is inadvisable because there's no guarantee you'll like the device later.

    Try to set aside money concerns, too, as it saves you money in the long run to have a quality device.

    Can EDC gadgets replace regular tools and accessories?

    EDC gadgets don't necessarily replace regular tools and accessories because they're simply the ones you use the most; in other words, they're your "everyday carry gear."

    If you have ordinary tools and accessories that would fit your EDC pack well, there's nothing wrong with adding them.


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