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    Essential Everyday Carry Items For Your Commute: Tools, Gear, and More

    Essential Everyday Carry Items For Your Commute: Tools, Gear, and More - Mountain Voyage Co

    An Introduction to Everyday Carry Items for Your Commute

    Aside from the hustle and bustle of it all, being unprepared for even the simplest thing can add stress to your commute. That's where everyday carries or EDCs come into play. The acronym can cover a wide range of products carried on your person daily.

    From something as simple as a compact umbrella to the more complicated multitool, we’ve compiled a list of common EDC items that can help make your commute easier and more pleasurable.

    Must-Have Everyday Carry Items for Your Commute

    different knives


    • Pocket Knife or Multitool- Commutes come in all forms: public transportation, driving, walking, and even riding a bike. However you commute, consider adding a pocket knife or multitool to your everyday carry gear. This EDC item might not seem necessary until the day you need it. With the simplest pocket knife or the most intricate multitool, you can make quick repairs on the go without costing you valuable time.
    • Small flashlight- The importance of a flashlight in everyday life is often underestimated. Sure, it might not get used often, but you’ll be glad you have it when you need it. You could be on the train in the early morning when it loses power. Or maybe your daily walk is done in the dark as days get shorter. Whatever the case, a small flashlight or tactical light is a handy EDC tool to have.
    • Portable Charger or Mini-Power Bank- Power outages happen more often than we’d like. It’s usually nothing more than a minor inconvenience, but there are those times when you could be in an emergency situation, maybe even stuck somewhere for an extended time. Portable chargers and power banks are very compact, easy to carry, and can quickly charge multiple devices, making them essential EDCs for everyday life.


    • Compact Umbrella- Getting caught in the rain, whether on your way to work or home, quickly spoils a good day. Compact umbrellas are an excellent EDC that take up very little space and can be carried as is or packed in an EDC bag so you’re never caught in the rain.
    • Reusable Water Bottle- A reusable water bottle should be a staple EDC for everyone, whether the commute is long or short, physically demanding or not. Hydration is essential in keeping energy levels high and getting through the commute and the day in general. Reusable water bottles provide a cost-effective, convenient way to maintain proper hydration.
    • Travel-size First Aid Kit- While not meant for major emergencies or injuries, a good travel-size first aid kit can be a valuable piece of EDC gear. Accidents happen, and having the right tools to handle those minor emergencies can go a long way in helping not only yourself but those around you on your commute.

    medical box


    • Slim Wallet- We all carry cards, cash, or both, so an EDC wallet is often necessary. With fewer of us carrying cash, a slim wallet is an excellent way to go. Reducing the bulk of a standard wallet, a slim wallet is compact and comfortable to carry while still providing enough space for the cards you carry and even a little cash.
    • Key Organizer- Like it or hate it, keys are a significant part of our everyday lives. Key rings are the tried and true way to carry those keys. The problem is, depending on how many keys you’re carrying, that ring can get bulky, cumbersome, and outright annoying. Try a key organizer if your bulky keys have gotten too much. Key chain organizers don’t necessarily make using a key any easier, but they organize those keys in a much more compact and comfortable package.
    • Small Organizer Pouch- From earbuds to cell phone and laptop chargers, these days we carry more with us on our commute than ever before, and whether we’re toting those miscellaneous things around in a bag or simply holding onto them, having them well organized can make things so much easier. A small pouch to carry those items can keep them tidy and within reach when needed while reducing the risk of losing them.

    Safety and Security

    • Personal Alarm- When planning what we carry for our commute, personal security is a necessity often overlooked. While the hope is that we never need to use it, a personal alarm can not only alert others in your vicinity that you need some help but can often deter would-be thieves and make your commute a much safer one. From wearable whistles to keychain alarms, personal alarms are small, simple tools everyone should carry to help protect themselves.
    • Pepper Spray- Sometimes threatening attackers with an alarm isn’t enough, and it’s a sad reality that there might come a time when non-lethal protection is needed. Another item we all hope never to have to use, pepper spray (where legal), is one of the best ways to ward off an attacker without lethal force, giving you the time needed to get help or get to safety.
    • RFID Blockers- As our society becomes more sophisticated, so do the criminals and the tech-savvy ones can steal your valuable information without you knowing until it’s too late. An RFID blocker, in the form of a wallet, cell phone case, or card holder, will block the radio frequency identification devices that some will use to scan your cards and steal your sensitive personal information. These days, an RFID blocker is a must-have for anyone who commutes on a daily basis.

    Additional Considerations

    Commutes can all be quite different, and you may require a different set of everyday carry gear. The correct EDCs are compact, lightweight, durable, and meant to make your life easier without being inconvenient.

    Kept within arms reach, if not already part of your apparel, and easily accessible EDCs will make your commute more enjoyable and safe. The EDC essentials you choose to have on your person should depend on your daily routine and how well they fit into that.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Are there legal restrictions on carrying certain EDC gear?

    Yes, there can be legal restrictions for certain EDC essentials. A knife or pepper spray are good examples of this that could be restricted or outlawed.

    How do I choose the right pocket knife for my needs?

    The right pocket knife will depend on how you intend to use it. Do you need a single blade to perform simple everyday tasks, or would having a knife with multiple tools be better? Also, remember, there could be restrictions to carrying an EDC knife depending on where you live. Always check local laws.

    Can I bring a portable charger on an airplane?

    Yes, you can. In fact, the TSA states that portable chargers must be packed in a carry-on and not in checked baggage.

    How often should I check and replenish the contents of my first aid kit?

    You should check and replenish your first aid kit at least once a year. If items have expired, they will need to be replaced.


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