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    EDC Gear for Every Occasion: From Work to Play and Everything in Between

    EDC Gear for Every Occasion: From Work to Play and Everything in Between - Mountain Voyage Co

    An Introduction to EDC Tools

    EDC means everyday carry and can cover a wide range of products you can carry on your person on a daily basis. From something as simple as a pen to the more complicated multitool, there is EDC gear for everyone, whether at work or play. EDCs can enhance any aspect of your life.

    Below we’ve compiled a list of EDC essentials for work, the outdoors, or everyday life to help enhance your routines.

    Essential EDC Gear for Any Scenario

    EDC Gear For Work

    • Multitool- Multitools these days are incredibly lightweight and compact, often small enough to fit in your pocket, yet feature an array of handy gadgets (some tools having up to 18 features) from a knife to pliers, screwdriver heads, and even small saws. With the right multitool, you can accomplish just about anything.
    • Pen- How many times have you had to ask someone to borrow a pen? We’re willing to bet it has happened more than once. It’s surprising how often a person needs to use a pen during a typical day at work. Whether you are jotting something down or signing an important document, a good pen will come in handy on more than a few occasions.
    • Flashlight- Most people tend to underestimate the importance of a pocket flashlight in their day-to-day lives. A small flashlight is one of those tools that is better to have and not need than to need and not have. Maybe you’re in a dimly lit area that requires a little more light, or perhaps you find yourself in an emergency situation where everything has gone dark. Whatever the case, a small flashlight is a handy item to have.
    • EDC Pocket Organizer- Now, you might be thinking to yourself even small EDC items can start to be cumbersome if you carry enough of them, and you’d be right, but you can eliminate that with an EDC pocket organizer. Pocket organizers can be compact and carry a couple of things, or they can be larger and hold just about anything you want to carry with you, keeping your gear organized and out of the way but easily accessible when needed.
    • RFID Blocking Wallet- It’s amazing the personal information we carry in our wallets. From driver's licenses to credit cards, that personal information is sensitive, and no one wants it falling into the wrong hands. An RFID (radio frequency identification) blocking wallet helps protect you from those tech-savvy thieves that might try to steal your information by scanning those important cards.

    EDC Gear For Outdoor Adventures

    • Knife- Experienced outdoor adventurers know the importance of a good knife; it’s why they all carry one. Whether using it to perform simple, everyday tasks like opening boxes, as self-defense in emergencies, or to aid in a survival situation, a knife is a crucial piece of EDC gear that anyone looking to experience the outdoors should carry.
    • Compass- Like it or not, when spending time outdoors, there will be occasions when we can’t rely on technology to help us out. A good compass and the knowledge to properly use it can aid you throughout your adventures and get you out of a bad situation by pointing you in the right direction.
    • Firestarter- To this day, fire remains an integral part of life, none so much as when spending time outdoors. Whether starting a campfire after a long day on the trails or you find yourself in a situation where you need warmth as darkness sets in, the ability to make fire is crucial. Firestarters in the form of weatherproof matches or magnesium flint can make your outdoor adventure easier and be a lifesaver.
    • First Aid Kit- First aid kits don’t have to be big and cumbersome and instead come in compact, easy-to-carry packaging while containing everything you need to handle minor injuries and emergencies. With anything from aspirin and bandages to suture equipment, the right first aid kit can buy you the much-needed time to get help if needed.
    • Paracord Bracelet- A paracord bracelet is another EDC tool that you may never need to use but is better to have just in case. This piece of survival equipment is wearable, so there's no reason not to have one.

     With cord strengths ranging from 95 lbs to 750 lbs, paracord can be used to start a fire, catch some fish, and even build a shelter. With its many uses, a paracord bracelet is a must-have for any outdoor enthusiast.

    multitool on table

    EDC Gear for Everyday Carry

    • Wallet- Anyone who carries cards or cash understands the importance of a good wallet. It’s more than likely something you already own. Wallets can be as simple or as complex as you want them to be, but the best option is something that can carry the cards and cash you need with as little bulk as possible. Make that wallet weatherproof and RFID-blocking, and you have a durable, secure way to hold onto your essential documents.
    • Keychain- Another piece of EDC gear that many of us already have, a keychain helps keep your keys organized and easily accessible. But that's not all they can do. Keychains can also be a compact safety kit containing an escape tool, alarms or whistles, a knife, and even pepper spray. While a regular keychain is convenient, a self-defense keychain could save your life.
    • Smartphone Case- We think of smartphone cases as a way to protect our investment. No one wants to go through costly repairs or replacements if their smartphones get damaged. While that's typically why we get a case for our smartphones, many can function in other ways, too, acting as a wallet to carry your cards and even being RFID blockers to protect your personal information.
    • Portable Charger- We’ve all had it happen at one point or another; our smartphone’s battery level is critically low, with no charging option in sight. These days portable chargers or power banks are very compact and easy to carry, making them essential EDCs for everyday life.

    multitool on table

     The Features and Benefits of EDC Essentials

    Whether for work, the outdoors, or everyday life, EDCs are compact, lightweight, and highly durable, with the idea of making your life easier. The compact design of these items means that they are usually kept within easy arms reach, if not already part of your apparel. Portability, reliability, and ease of use translate to a tool that makes any day much easier.

    The right EDC gear can also help protect you, whether in the form of a security keychain for personal protection or an RFID wallet to protect sensitive personal information.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can EDC essentials be customized based on personal preference?

    Yes, EDCs can and should be based on personal preference. Life is different for all of us, and so are our EDC and preparedness needs.

    Are there legal restrictions on carrying certain EDC gear?

    Yes, there can be legal restrictions for certain EDC essentials. A pocket knife or pepper spray in a security keychain is an excellent example of this that could be restricted or outlawed.

    How do I choose the right EDC essentials for my outdoor activities?

    The EDC gear you take to work with you will differ from the gear you would take on an outdoor adventure. Base what you carry on what your day may look like.

    Are there any maintenance tips for EDC gear?

    Maintenance for EDC will vary depending on what type of tool it is. Most manufacturers will have specific maintenance guidelines depending on the tool.


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