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    EDC Essentials for the Outdoors: Gear that Will Keep You Safe and Prepared

    EDC Essentials for the Outdoors: Gear that Will Keep You Safe and Prepared - Mountain Voyage Co

    An Introduction to EDC Tools

    The acronym EDC stands for everyday carry and is a term that can cover a wide range of useful equipment. Compact and easy to carry, EDCs can enhance your preparedness for any outdoor experience.

    With every outdoor excursion being a different adventure, the EDCs you carry with you might vary on a daily basis, but below we’ve compiled a list of must-have items and tools to ensure you’re not caught off guard in emergency situations.

    Must-Have EDC Essentials for Outdoor Adventures

    1. Multitool: The most versatile EDC tool

    If you were to carry a single EDC item on your outdoor adventures, it should be a multitool. With several tools in one compact design, a multitool can cover many bases.

    Multitools are lightweight and compact, often small enough to fit in your pocket, but feature an array of handy gadgets from a knife to pliers, screwdriver heads, and even small saws. The right multitool can accomplish just about anything.

    2. Flashlight: Lighting your way in low-light conditions

    A flashlight is an underestimated and often overlooked EDC tool everyone should carry. On a long hike, it’s easy to underestimate just how long it might take to get back, and no one wants to be hiking in the dark without something to help light the way.

    If that hike is deep in the woods, low light times of day can quickly sneak up on us, and a flashlight will significantly reduce the chance of tripping and injuring yourself as you hike out.

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    3. Knife: A reliable cutting tool for any scenario

    From simple everyday tasks to self-defense and survival, there's a good reason why experienced outdoor adventurers all carry a knife. Whether using it to open a snack or chop and collect firewood, a good knife is a staple EDC tool.

    There are countless options available when it comes to an EDC knife. Whether you want a compact folding pocket knife, or a larger fixed-blade one, what you plan to use will determine which is right for you. What’s important is that the blade is sharp and durable. Lower-quality knives will dull quickly or even break, rendering them all but useless.

    4. Firestarter: Easily light a fire when needed

    Despite the technologically advanced society we live in these days, fire can still be an essential part of life, especially when it comes to the outdoors.  A campfire is great, whether relaxing after a long day or cooking an evening meal, but it can also be an essential part of survival when faced with emergency situations. Whether we’re talking waterproof matches or magnesium flint, firestarters take up little space and can be an invaluable part of your EDC tool set.

    5. Compass: Navigate unfamiliar terrain

    We can’t always rely on our technology to show us the way. Outdoor enthusiasts know how unreliable those devices become in all too common dead zones.

    This is why you should carry a compass on any outdoor adventure and learn how to read it correctly. It can be easy to get turned around, and a compass will get you back in the right direction.

    6. First Aid Kit: Injuries can occur; be prepared

    You may never need a first aid kit during your outdoor adventures, and that’s a good thing, but it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t carry one. From minor cuts and scrapes to serious survival situations, we hope never to have to use one, but not having one when needed could be disastrous.

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    7. Paracord Bracelet: A survival and emergency essential

    A paracord bracelet is another piece of daily carry equipment we hope we never have to use but don’t want to leave home without. There's a reason they’re referred to as survival bracelets. From integrated cutting tools to built-in compasses, paracord bracelets can have more than a few features, but the cord makes it a survival necessity.

    With breaking strength from 95 lbs to 750 lbs, paracord bracelets will generally feature 20 feet or more of cord that can be used to start a fire, build a shelter or catch fish, and those are just a few of its uses. All that, tied up in a convenient bracelet that's there when you need it.

    8. Water Bottle with Filter: Stay hydrated in all situations

    No matter how much water you pack for your travels, situations can arise when it isn’t always enough. Water is one element of the outdoors where it’s always better to over-prepare.

    Does that mean having to carry cumbersome jugs of water? Not anymore. Instead, a water bottle with a filtration system to filter fresh water is the way to go.

    Not only can they be handy for simple streamside refills, but they can save your life when faced with a survival situation, allowing you to filter any fresh water source so that it is clean and safe to drink.

    9. Emergency Whistle: Signal for help in an emergency

    Another compact and easy-to-carry EDC item, an emergency whistle seems obvious but is something many overlook. Wearing a quality emergency whistle around your neck makes it easy to access in any situation, and the distinct sound can signal to other people that you are in distress.

    10. RFID Blocking Wallet: Protect your sensitive information

    Much of our most important information can and often is carried in our wallets. Our driver's licenses, credit cards, and cash must be kept in a safe place, and when outdoors, no one wants to be carrying big bulky wallets.

    RFID wallets offer a compact, durable way to carry your card and cash wherever you go. With the added security of RFID-blocking (radio-frequency identification) technology, your valuables will be safe from the elements, and your personal information will be secure.

    The Features And Benefits of EDC Essentials

    EDCs should be compact, lightweight, and highly durable, holding up to the elements while being easy to carry and use. The compact design of these items means that they are usually kept within easy arms reach, if not already part of your apparel, and that easy access could be crucial in survival. The portability, reliability, and ease of use will translate to a highly versatile tool in any outdoor situation.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can EDC essentials be customized based on personal preference?

    Yes, EDCs can and should be based on personal preference. Everyone's outdoor experience is different [link to The Ultimate Urban Gear Checklist: What You Should Carry], and so will their EDC kit needs.

    Are there legal restrictions on carrying certain EDC gear?

    Yes, there can be legal restrictions for certain EDC essentials. A good example is a knife; some states limit size and type. Always check the laws where you are planning your outdoor adventure.

    How do I choose the right EDC essentials for my outdoor activities?

    Your EDC essentials should be based on what your adventure entails. A simple hike down a local trail will need much different equipment than a hike through rough terrain. What you plan to do will be the primary deciding factor for what you bring with you.

    Are there any maintenance tips for EDC gear?

    Maintenance for EDC will vary depending on what type of tool it is. Keep things dry, or dry them out if wet, to avoid corrosive damage. Tools like a multitool or folding EDC knife can benefit from being oiled. Most manufacturers will have specific maintenance guidelines depending on the tool.


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