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    A Comprehensive Guide to the Different Types of Wallets

    A Comprehensive Guide to the Different Types of Wallets - Mountain Voyage Co

    When shopping for a new wallet, the many types of wallets can be overwhelming. Consider this your complete guide to the different types of wallets so you can choose the right one for you!

    Classic Bifold Wallets

    wallet filled with money

    A leather bifold wallet is easily one of the most common wallet types people use today. They came to be around the late 1950s and became the dominant wallet type for decades.

    While a bifold wallet is typically made of leather, it can also be made of nylon, canvas, carbon fibers, and other flexible materials.

    Unfolded, a leather bifold wallet is about the size of a traditional checkbook, and they have a distinct crease in the middle that allows you to fold the wallet in half and close it to protect your credit card, debit card, and ID card on the inside.

    While they’re still popular, they’re slowly being overcome by minimalist, front-pocket wallets.

    Classic Trifold Wallets

    A trifold wallet is similar to a bifold wallet but has an extra crease and a longer design when fully opened.

    Instead of folding in half, a trifold wallet folds open into thirds, offering more space and slots than bifold wallets. However, they are typically bulkier.

    Trifold wallets are excellent for people who love to thoughtfully organize their many, many cards, as there are often more than a dozen slots available.

    Slim Wallets

    While bifold has been the main product in the wallet market for decades, its time in the sun may be over. Modern men prefer a slim wallet compared to the classic wallet types mentioned above.

    Slim wallets are ideal for space-saving and are substantially more comfortable to store and carry, especially with modern fashion.

    When men always wore suit jackets and had pants with big pockets, classic bifold and trifold wallets were fine.

    But now, men do not wear suit jackets with extra pockets as often, and slim-fitting pants are more popular than ever, making a slim wallet the obvious choice. Below are the most popular types of slim wallets.

    Slim Bifold Wallets

    Traditional, cumbersome bifold wallets are losing popularity as slimmer versions of this wallet become popular.

    Slim bifold wallets use less material and thin designs, making them more comfortable carrying in your back pocket or a jacket side pocket.

    While a classic bifold leather wallet may have been over an inch thick, the slim versions can be a quarter of that.

    A noticeable difference is that the slimmer bifold wallets often do not have the many pockets and slots for cards, but there are still convenient pockets.

    Slim Trifold Wallets

    Slim trifold wallets are the same as the slim bifold wallets, as they use the classic design and functionality but with less material and a sleeker shape.

    Because trifold wallets have two creases, they’ll always be slightly thicker than bifolds, even the slimmest ones.

    However, modern trifolds can be surprisingly slim and compact, with thin layers that offer multiple slots for easy organization! These may be as thin as half an inch, while classic trifolds were typically over an inch thick.

    A trifold leather wallet is usually too thick to fit comfortably in a front pocket but are getting thinner as modern wallet needs evolve.

    Front Pocket Wallets

    Front pocket wallets are quickly growing in popularity as men struggle to comfortably carry thick wallets in their pants.

    Front pocket wallets do not have any folds or creases but feature pockets and slots for people to organize and protect their cards. Some may have pockets on both sides, while others have a center pocket to store the cards.

    A front pocket wallet is typically bigger than the average credit card, so it can fit your cards without taking up extra space.

    These wallets come in various materials, from leather to natural wood to canvas and everything in between.

    Money Clip Wallets

    Money clips are like giant paper clips that hold your cash. You can find money clips separate from wallets, which are just simple clips.

    However, many modern wallets feature a money clip on the outside, making it easy to store and quickly access your cash.

    Many modern front pocket wallets feature an external money clip so people can protect their cards and carry their funds.

    Stand-alone money clips are becoming less and less popular as people don’t carry cash as much as they used to. However, modern wallets still feature money clips for convenience.

    Specialized Wallets

    phone with wallet in back

    There are wallets for all sorts of needs! Below are specialized types of wallets for distinct uses.

    Passport Wallets

    Passport wallets have a specific spot to store and protect your passport. This travel wallet is good for people who don’t want to keep their passport loose in a bag, a hotel, or a pocket.

    Travel wallets like this are typically bifold with a large compartment where you can slide your passport in, and in many cases, they double as RFID wallets to protect your personal information while on the go.

    Phone Wallets

    Phone wallets are becoming more and more popular. When leaving the house, people typically check to ensure they have their: phone, keys, and wallet.

    But a phone wallet makes your phone and wallet one item, so you only have to remember two things when heading out the door.

    They’re typically sticky on the back with credit card slots and can attach to the back of any smartphone.

    Multi-Tool Wallets

    Multi-tool wallets are unique, featuring various tools that tuck neatly into the wallet. These tools may include:

    • Screwdriver
    • Pocket knife
    • Flashlight
    • Bottle openers
    • Box opener
    • Peeler
    • Wrench
    • Cellphone stand
    • And more

    These wallets are not super common, but many outdoorsy or handymen like to use them because they’re so useful and versatile.

    Find the Right Wallet for You

    Different types of wallets suit people, so consider your needs and what design will work best for you.

    The options are plentiful, and there are more than what we mentioned here, including an RFID wallet, ID card wallet, checkbook wallet, and neck wallet, but a slim wallet made from durable materials is one of the best choices, offering organization and protection without taking up all the space in your pocket.


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